Gateway Group Announcements | March 20, 2014

Dear Leaders,

I wanted to share a few important announcements with you and thought this might be the easiest way to get you all the information in one place. I am so pleased with the reports I've been receiving from all the Groups and Missional Communities this Semester. It seems as though people are really connecting to God, to one another and reaching out together into our city with love and service. This is all a great testimony to the Spirit's work in our church and your leadership in these groups. Keep up the great work!

Here is what is coming up in the next few months:

Ancient Happiness
Lent 2014

Baptism | Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 20 at 10am

Baptism connects us to Good Friday and to Easter in a powerful way. If you or members in your group have not yet been baptized, Easter Sunday will be a tremendous opportunity to join in! Click here for a number of FAQ's about baptism. Be sure to encourage your group members to attend the Baptism Class on Sunday, April 6 at 11:30am after the service in the cafeteria.

Holy Week Activity Guide
April 13 - April 20

Easter is not just something we learn, it is something we experience. This year we’ll be sharing an interactive guide for your family and/or small group. Each day there is an activity and response you can do with your family or group to retell the story of the last week of Jesus’s life. Click here for the guide.

Egg Stuffing Week
Sunday, April 6

Each year Gateway Groups play an integral part in our ability to put on a massive, free Easter Egg Hunt for our city. Please pick up a bag or two of eggs on Sunday, April 6 and have your members plan to bring a couple bags of candy with them to group that week. Spend the evening stuffing eggs, praying for the event and having fun! 

Click here to sign up for more activities on the day of the BIG event!

Upcoming Sermon Series
Freeway: A Not-So-Perfect Guide to Freedom

“FREEWAY” is a teaching series built on God’s amazing grace, honest conversations
with friends, and finding freedom from our deepest pain and struggles. All of our groups will journey through a beautiful, interactive guide created by Mike Foster of POTSC. Members will be encouraged to donate $10 to help cover the cost of the materials.

  • 4/20 A Prodigal’s Party - Easter Sunday!
  • 4/27 Awareness
  • 5/4 Discovery
  • 5/11 Ownership
  • 5/18 Forgiveness
  • 5/25 Acceptance
  • 6/1 Freedom