February Preschool Resources - Mission L.O.V.E.

Jesus loves everyone. Everyone! He loves you. He loves me. He even loves that lady down the street who never comes outside. He loves the man at the grocery store. He loves the lady at the deli. Jesus loves everyone!

Our memory verse says:  “Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12, NIV) We want our preschoolers to know that simple truth. Jesus loves them and everyone around them. During the month of February, we will hear stories of how Jesus loved during His time on earth. How He loved the woman at the well and the scorned woman even though no one else did. How He loves us even when we do something wrong like He loved the Zacchaeus. Our preschoolers will also hear about how everyone needs Jesus and that we should tell others about Him. Each week's lesson will come back to one simple truth: Jesus loves everyone.

You can find the monthly newsletter here so you can follow along with the story each week. The newsletter also contains some awesome activities to keep the discussion going at home.  And don’t forget to check out www.orangeparents.org for some great parenting resources from the authors of our curriculum.

Imagine how we would all act if we remembered that Jesus loves each and every one of us. We hope our preschoolers will walk away with that truth tucked in their heart!