Coming up in Gateway Kids - Jan. 25th

The ten lepers needed Jesus to heal them, and He did, but only one comes back to say “Thank You.” (Luke 17:11-19) We'll wrap up our Bottom Line for the month: "I Need Jesus!"

We know that most kids love to sing, but worship isn’t just something we do when we sing at church; worship is how we honor God with our whole lives—through how we love others and serve them, and how we obey and praise God. It is also about giving of our time, money, and talents. We’re looking at the story of the widow’s offering in Mark 12:41-44. There were people giving lots of money, but Jesus knew that the two coins the widow gave meant more because they were everything she had. Our Bottom Line is: Practice living for God. We hope kids realize they can worship God every day with whatever they’re doing, no matter what they have.

Week 4 Elementary God Time Devotional

Each day’s devotion includes:
1. a verse(s) to read 
2. a devotion paragraph that teaches something about God and an explanation of today’s verse(s) 
3. an activity that makes real-life application of the day’s devotion 
4. a suggested prayer.

Encourage kids to choose four different days during the week to do these devotions. Even though kids in early elementary are beginning to read things on their own, you may want to do the GodTime card with your K-3rd grade child. Most 4th and 5th graders are capable of having a “quiet time” on their own, once they’ve been taught how to do it, but they still benefit from an adult following up on it.