Kids Snow Day Resources - Feb. 1st

Due to all of the snow we will not be meeting at Central Campus this morning, but that doesn't have to keep you from hearing our story for the week! Below I have posted a video version of the stories, along with some activities you can do with your kids when you're not out building a snowman on this snowy day!

n this week’s lesson Jesus tells the story of the lost sheep so we will know how much God loves us! Watch the video: 

Who Loves You? (Memory Verse Activity)
What You Say: “We have a brand new Memory Verse to learn today! It says: ‘How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,’ Ephesians 3:18. Follow my motions. ‘How wide (hold your arms out wide) and long (hold your arms out vertically) and high (jump as high as you can) and deep (pretend to dig with a shovel) is the love (hug yourself) of Christ’ (point up), Ephesians 3:18. (Open your hands like a book.) Great job! Jesus loves us so much, He loves us deep and wide, long and high! Who loves you? (Pause.) [Bottom Line] Jesus loves me!”

What’s Missing?
What You Need: 4 different items (legos, stuffed animals, variety of random household items)
What You Do: Ask the children to identify the items. Ask the children to close their eyes while you take one item and put it out of their view. Then tell them to open their eyes and try and guess which block is missing. To increase the challenge, increase the number of items displayed and take away two items. Or put all of the items in a box and have them use their hands to feel which item is missing. 

What you say: “You did a great job guessing what was missing. The shepherd in our Bible story knew that each of his sheep were very special. That’s why he went looking for the one sheep when it was missing. He loved it and wanted to take care of it. [Bottom Line] Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you even more than the shepherd loved his sheep. Who loves you? (Pause.) [Bottom Line] Jesus loves me.”

We're never too busy to be kind. We define kindness as: Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. You can watch a live production of the lesson online: Studio 252 Live @ 9am, 12pm and 4pm. 

All Kinds of Kindness (memory verse activity)
What You Need: Bible, paper, marker
What You Do: Help kids look up Luke 6:31 in their Bibles. Spend some time talking about why kids think Jesus felt this principle was important. Then write the word “KINDNESS” down the middle of the paper. Then ask kids to help you come up with eight ways they can be kind this week. The trick is that the first idea must include a “K” somewhere in it, the second one has to include an “I,” then an “N,” and so on. Begin calling out the letters, helping students with ideas if they get stuck.