Coming up in Gateway Kids - March 29th

We’ll end the month with the joyous celebration of Palm Sunday. (Matthew 21:1-16) The people cheer and wave palm branches as Jesus enters Jerusalem riding a donkey. As Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He was preparing for the ultimate act of love. He truly exemplified the verse, “love one another.”

The world had been waiting for a Messiah, a rescuer, and when Jesus had finally shown up on the scene, His disciples were ready. (Mark 11:1-11; 14:43 – 15:47) They figured this was it. Jesus would be the King and their waiting would be over. When Jesus was found guilty and crucified, they must have felt so defeated. They didn’t know at the time that God had something different in mind, something better for the whole world. Bottom Line: Remember that God’s plan is bigger than yours. When you’re having a hard time waiting, remember that God has a plan for you life bigger and better than you could ever imagine.