In Des Moines as it is in Heaven.

The Gateway Church began in March 2009 with a small, ragtag group of 15 people meeting in a living room west of town. We envisioned living out together the way of Jesus in the heart of our city. We not only wanted to change people’s hearts with the gospel, we wanted to create a new community with the gospel and together exhibit, proclaim, and live out the gospel in Des Moines. 

Over the past eight years we have seen this vision slowly turn into reality. We started by loving our city in whatever simple, strange, street-level ways his Spirit would lead us to imagine. As a result, people from across all spectrums of life and faith have been captivated by the beauty of the gospel and begun a journey of following Christ within our church.

Through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection the power of evil has been defeated, the new creation has been launched and his followers have been commissioned and equipped to put that victory and the inaugurated new world into practice. As followers of Jesus we are committed to joining God in the renewal of all things.